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  评奖︱2017 “拉法基豪瑞奖 ”亚太赛区获奖项目揭晓

  Winners of the LafargeHolcim Awards 2017 for Asia Pacific


  AirPlus unveil the new trend of fusion travel management


  AccorHotels celebrates Plant for Planet’s fifth-year anniversary


  Clarian announces plan to update its strategy


  2017 “拉法基豪瑞奖 ”亚太赛区获奖项目揭晓

  Winners of the LafargeHolcim Awards 2017 for Asia Pacific




  The Asia Pacific ceremony of LafargeHolcim Awards competition were recently held in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.


  Sustainable construction in Asia Pacific also means building for the community. The fifth cycle of the competition attracted more than 5,000 entries from authors in 121 countries. 3,606 entries were deemed valid, and more than half of these passed the pre-screening phase.

  评审基于拉法基豪瑞基金会提出的可持续建筑的五个评价标准- 这是全面定义可持续建筑的基石。

  The juries evaluated the projects based on the five “target issues” for sustainable construction set forth by the LafargeHolcim Foundation – principles which define sustainable construction in a holistic way.


  The Asia Pacific competition region is particularly diverse in terms of cultures, countries, and climates. This was perfectly reflected in the more than 1,100 projects submitted.


  The LafargeHolcim Awards is about more than just beautiful buildings. It stands out as the world’s most significant competition for sustainable design.


  It acknowledges designs that go beyond current standards, showcase sustainable responses to technological, environmental, socioeconomic, and cultural issues affecting contemporary construction, and deliver truly visionary solutions to the way we build.


  The Acknowledgement award is set up for four projects in each competition area.


  With the support of the local community residents, the team composed of Professor Zhang Yue from Tsinghua University and his students, young architect Cao Mengxing and Wang Yu, and Hao Shimeng, a young teacher from Beijing University of Architecture, proposed a design scheme to improve the old neighborhoods in Beijing (Hutong).


  They won the acknowledgement prizes—for the benefit of communities.


  AirPlus unveil the new trend of fusion travel management


  The event“Fusion on the Way: Reimagine Travel Management in Mobile Era” was held by AirPlus in Beijing to explore “Fusion Business Travel Management” as the new trend for the industry under the mobile era.


  Lucy Wang, managing director of AirPlus International China pointed out that fusion travel management needs the cooperation among various parties.


  The “fusion travel management” means a combination of technology innovation and tested management disciplines, emerging and traditional business travel service providers complementing each other, and meeting the consumers’ needs and monitoring their behavior at the same time.


  To realize such management, breaking through the tradition and multi-cooperating with each other is the key. The traditional business management ecosystem has been challenged, and new business travel service providers have emerged. The revolution is coming.


  AirPlus International proposes the concept of " fusion travel management", advocating the focus on travel expense management and improving traveling experience at the same time.


  Fusion travel management will make business travel expenses management and travel policy invisible, embedded in the process of travel service reservation and mobile payment applications.


  The process of travel approval and reimbursement would be greatly optimized, meanwhile, a highly integrated centralized payment solution ensures the data stay transparent and standard.


  This integration will also spawn a new generation of business travel managers, who’s roles shifted from traditional business travel policymakers and executives to guiders of travel options, leaders of new technology and payment engineers.


  Lucy Wang says, it is notable that AirPlus International China has exceeded a turnover of one billion euros within ten years since the company first landed inChinain 2007. China has become the third market, in addition to Germany, that gets into the "one billion euros clubs".


  AccorHotels celebrates Plant for Planet’s fifth-year anniversary




  As part of Plant for the Planet initiative, AccorHotels Greater China has been working in partnership with Zigen Association for Rural Education and Development to develop a fruit orchard plantation for the past five years at Qinglong County in the province of Hebei.


  The development was part of the reforestation scheme to help local grass-roots and communities to supplement their rural income。


  Over 1200 local farmers and beneficiaries were given the opportunity to learn about the importance of environmental protection, organic farming practices and biodiversity enrichment.


  Michel Molliet, Chief Operating Officer, AccorHotels Greater China, said, “We have planted over 53,000 fruit trees since the development of this beautiful orchard and part of our global initiative is to plant over 10 million trees by the end of 2021 under Plant for the Planet initiative.”


  From November 24th to December 31st, properties under the AccorHotels Greater China network will celebrate the five year anniversary of Plant for the Planet initiative on the ‘Apples for the Planet’ campaign.


  A series of events will be featured at their dining outlets which will include unique apple recipes and menu creations for guest to sample.


  The principle is to offer guests the option of reusing their towels and in turn allocating their laundry bills to tree planting projects.


  A tree is planted every minute around the world and every day, 30 trees are planted across Greater China. More than 5 million trees have been planted since the programme was launched in 2009.


  Clarian announces plan to update its strategy


  Clariant announced recently that its Board of Directors has approved the Executive Committee’s proposal to update Clariant’s strategy in order to further increase value creation.


  The plan was developed as a consequence of the termination of the intended merger with Huntsman, which was forced by activist shareholders.


  The Board of Directors supports the Executive Committee’s intention to build upon Clariant’s existing strategy by defining further actions such as M&A activities, short-term portfolio management options, potential returns to shareholders, a thorough review of the cost base and the pursuit of additional growth opportunities.


  Clariant’s recently announced investment in the sunliquid® technology is one example of the latter.


  Since Clariant’s growth strategy was and is unanimously supported by the Süd-Chemie legacy shareholders, representing approximately 15% of the outstanding shares, as well as the vast majority of institutional shareholders.


  Clariant will announce and present details concerning these activities to its investors in the beginning of 2018, well before its Annual General Meeting in March.


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